In a life full of complexity and chaos, order is the solution. ​When I served as the interpreter and mountain warfare instructor for a Korean Special Forces deployed in Sweihan, United Arab Emirates, I witnessed how a meticulous structure could accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. Similarly, the structured environment with its tightly regimented lifestyle, has allowed me to reclaim order in my chaotic life, which I brought onto myself in my first two years at CMU. Understanding the world, by establishing order and recognizing patterns, is how you regain control, which is precisely what Machine Learning does.

The more I study, I feel stronger in love with Machine Learning as it is used to seek the inherent structure of data to solve and understand the complexities that arise in the real world. I am truly thankful to be able to study what I love and what I truly believe in.

I realize that this passion for research and determination to excel came late. My experience in the South Korean Special Forces, the phenomenal advising by CMU professors (David Kosbie, Mark Stehlik, L.P. Morency, Gordon Weinberg, and many more) and mentorship by members of the MultiComp lab (Chaitanya Ahuja) has helped me become a determined student and passionate researcher. I am extremely grateful for their efforts; I would not be who I am without their advising.

My long term goal is to create a world where robots can be our friends and companions. Specifically, I hope to build technologies that can help robots to co-exist with humans and increase realism in virtual interaction. I would love to join a program where I could continue building my breadth and depth in ML/AI and also participate in relevant research.



I am well-experienced in most ML frameworks. I am determined to learn more, and pick up new languages as required for my research.



I am interested in CS programs with a focus in ML/AI in the U.S. This site was designed to showcase the projects I have been working on.

This is my email: dondongwonlee@gmail.com. I'll make sure I get back to you!

My resume is also available here: PDF